New Website Launched!

23 March 2021

It's been a long time coming, but we're now mobile friendly! Whilst the old site has served us well over the years, it has become very dated and needed a refresh to reflect the fact that most of you are now browsing on phones and tablets. It was time to go mobile friendly!

Let us know what you think!

Another trumpet?

21 March 2021

Contact from Sweden! And guess what... they've found another Trumpet!

Very welcome contact from abroad letting us know that they have found a Salvation Army Trumpet, made a few years later than ours, but still exciting news to hear of another one out there.

Waiting on more info about condition and playability.

Compact Flugelhorn joins the collection

17 February 2021

Well this was unexpected... an unusual SA Flugelhorn turned up on the online store of a second hand furniture store.

This flugel is a compact design, something I haven't seen before from the SA. I have since seen photos of an earlier Highams flugel that may have been the inspiration.

The instrument had been partially disassembled and left that way for many years, by the looks, and was missing a bottom valve cap and a 2nd valve slide. The lead pipe was in three pieces with some damage.

Take a look at the Compact Flugel in the Flugelhorn section.

Compact Euphonium heads off for restoration

16 October 2020

So, after cleaning up the Compact Eupho to make it playable, and running it at a few brass band rehearsals, it was obvious that it did need some work. As with most of these old SA instruments, the valve block was quite leaky, and the main tuning slide was well and truly stuck. Not a huge deal, luckily, as it was very close and a bit of lipping sorted it out. But... it has now been sent to the shop for a restoration. Can't wait to see and hear it once it gets back. This is the same vintage and model as Steven Mead's "Triumph" Eupho, and we've all heard how that sounds now...

Compact Euphonium arrives

24 September 2020

The Compact "Class A" Eupho has arrived! It needs a decent clean, and has more than it's fair share of dents, but it's here! Time to clean it up and see how it plays...